How to checkout a GitHub project in Eclipse using SVN.

  1. Download eclipse —

eclipse installer will be downloaded, open it & install below-

launch eclipse.

2. Download subversive eclipse plugin from this site —

drag and drop it.

3. Select all and install all of them. (Accept when asked for license agreement)

4. Import -> SVN -> SSH Settings-> Click on SVN link

Switch to SVN Connector -> click on Get Connectors

6. Select all connectors and install them. Accept every warning ..unsigned content etc.

7. Get checkout URL from GITHUB-

8. Paste it in below screen add /trunk in URL- click next, click Finish

9. Option to checkout as a project with name specified and prefilled project name must come up.

Click next click finish.

10. Your project is checked out -

11. Go to Markers there should be no errors; if there is, try to resolve it-

12. Now download apache tomcat 8.5 —

13. Add this as a server in Preferences-> Servers-> Runtime Environments and add JDK 1.8

14. After adding server, build path of the project add jdk 1.8 and server runtime library, and add project facets “Dyanamic web module, java and javascript.

15. Run the project-



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