My TOEFL Experience on 20th Feb 2022 (Home Edition)

Exam Process

  1. TST Prep TOEFL for mock questions.
  2. PrepScholar TOEFL for mock questions.

Mistakes I did :

  • I started late after registering the test, most of my preparation took place one week before the exam. I did not completed both the courses 100%.
  • I practiced very less for the reading section. This section requires you to have timed practice and attentiveness. In the actual exam, I found the reading passages to be difficult because of lack of vocabulary and being unable to handle the pressure of the clock, I hurriedly tried to skim through passages to get the right info. I wasted my time in the first passage and as a result other passages got affected.
  • For listening section, either I knew the answer or I did not, for the ones I did not know the timer started blinking after more than 35 seconds spent on the question, which made me nervous and I clicked on any random choice.
  • For speaking and section, I could have done better by having more clear words along with practice and I did not get these evaluated by someone.


  • Improve vocabulary, it will help you throughout the test.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! I can’t stress this enough. Practice reading, listening (movies), note-taking, speaking daily as much as possible .
  • Get your writing and speaking reviewed by someone who is better than you. Preferably native English speaker.
  • Give plenty of mock tests, simulating actual test conditions.
  • Don’t be self critical if you can’t apply a strategy as described by the instructor. Develop your own strategy to solve questions, you will only figure this out through practice, listen to expert’s strategies as well and try to implement them.


I was scared of this test, treating it like a mountain. But I had to just start and go for it. I know my score is not excellent but it made me learn so many things which I would not if I did not give this test. To all test takers — You can do it! Practice as much as you can and all the best! Nothing is impossible.



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